From TARDIS cupcakes to Dalek dresses, the Whovians are one of the most DIY geek subcultures. Take a peek at the craft projects that made us doff our floppy hats in salute. Warning: This post is bigger on the inside.

If you haven't guessed, I love geek craft projects. The only thing I find more adorable than a geek knitting on the bus is a geek knitting a Jayne hat on the bus to wear to the next Browncoat meeting. In the spirit of geeky DIY, I decided to share some of my favorite Doctor Who projects.


Adipose Plushies
The cuddliest antagonists since Tribbles. My favorite Adipose DIY toy to date is Erica Kern's Adipose doll that was profiled on Craftzine. I caught Erica crafting in the line for Doctor Who at Comic-Con this year, and heard she even got the Who crew to sign one of her Adipose toys.

The Dalekettes

Remember the Dalekettes? I thought you might. More photos have surfaced of the trio of hot Aussie Who fans won our hearts not long ago.

Don't Blink

Blink and you'll miss the simple sweetness of this Blink pendant necklace, crafted by UrsulaandOlive for their Etsy shop. A perfect way to show some love for your all-time favorite Who episode.


Would you care for a Jelly Baby.....Cake?
Remember the U.F.O cake decorated with Jelly Babies in Aliens Of London? Adam Wolf must, because he made a wonderful step-by-step post on his blog of how to make a cake with Jelly Babies.

Sweet-toothed sisters Babara Jo and Barbara May take the cake (please forgive me) with their incredible, edible TARDIS. We salute these crafty siblings and hope to see more geeky treats from them in the near future.

Cakes are one of the most popular Who craft projects. David Tennant spoke at Comic-Con this year about how weird it was to see his face plastered on cakes all over England. I wonder how he feels about all the cake love the Daleks get? Did you know there is an ENTIRE Flickr pool devoted to Dalek Desserts? Because nothing is better than devouring, er, Exterminating, a Dalek cupcake.

That makes....306 Type 40's?
What's geekier than building your own TARDIS? Building your own TARDIS to house your homemade MAME console, of course. Winner of hands-down the most amazing and most geeky Doctor Who project is Simon Jansen, who built this incredible MAME console

What are your favorite Who craft projects?