Spend all week trying to pull out the parasite that ate your tongue? Never fear we've got the news right here. This week we reviewed 9, reimagined classic comics and played with rodents of an unusual size.

Rodents of Unusual Size Found in Volcanic Lost World
For 200,000 years, life has flourished deep inside the crater of Mount Bosavi in complete isolation. Now a team of scientists has found it teeming with hairy caterpillars, fanged frogs, and the largest rats ever recorded.

The io9 Guide To 2009's Fall Movies
The days are already getting shorter and colder, which sounds like the ideal time to start considering spending evenings at your local multiplex, taking advantage of comfy chairs and large screens.

The Curious Case Of The Superwoman Porn That Wasn't
The internet may already have become sick of Superman's short-lived porn career, but apparently Superwoman almost got into the business as well. Well, until a DC Comics lawsuit changed her costume and name into something more Magnificent, that is.

Six Signs You Might Be Dating a Robot
You've met someone new, and things are going great, but you start to notice something off about them. Could your significant other be a robot in disguise? Check our list for the possible signs.


Stop Shaking My Movies Like A Polaroid Picture
The shaky cam is so common these days it's cliche. In order to curb this trend we've categorized the good, the bad, and the ugly of the candid cam takes.

Top 10 Unlikely Survivors Of The End Of The World
In 9, deadly machines wipe out the human race and the only creatures left alive are... ragdolls? Okay. But those hempen freedom-fighters aren't necessarily the weirdest people to survive the apocalypse.

Avatar Concept Designer Reveals the Secrets of the Na'Vi
Sculptor and concept artist Jordu Schell breathed life into the Na'Vi, Avatar's blue aliens. He talks about working with James Cameron, the actresses who inspired the lovely Neytiri's look, and why design isn't the most interesting part of Avatar.

If Nice Machines Battle Evil Machines After You're Dead, Will You Care?
In most post-apocalyptic movies, we bring destruction on ourselves with our advanced science, and there's a cautionary message about trusting technology. But the lyrical 9 may be the first film that shows good machines fighting evil ones, after we're dead.

Fan Artists Reimagine Classic Comics Covers
Robert Goodin's blog Covered invites artists to remix and reinterpret their favorite comic book covers, resulting in fun and funky covers of classic superhero art.

The Reg Barclay Effect: Dweebs Who Take Over Dying Shows
You know a TV show's doomed when a minor character, who's exponentially weaker and more annoying than the existing cast, suddenly gets more screen time. This is a strange breed of rat, who boards a sinking ship instead of fleeing.

Could Playboy's Vampire Issue Bring Back She-Vamp Power?
The October issue of Playboy is vamped out. Huzzah for supernatural nudity but here's hoping they turn down the coy and turn up the blood-bathing Elizabeth Báthory centerfolds.