Iron Man 2 gets a swanky new car, while Zombieland teaches us the importance of cardiovascular exercise. Fringe's alternate universe prepares for war, and we meet one of Dollhouse's high-ranking employees. Plus, Splice, Heroes, New Moon, Smallville, Superman/Batman, and FlashForward.


Three new spots elucidate additional rules for surviving the zombie apocalypse:

Iron Man 2

Not promo stills from the movies, but this car will apparently be featured in the new film, likely as Tony Stark's new ride:

[Spoiler TV]

Toy Story 3

Two-time James Bond Timothy Dalton will voice a thespian hedgehog toy named Mr. Pricklepants. [JoBlo]


In the sixth episode, we will meet Howard Lipman, an intelligent higher up in the Dollhouse with a big sense of humor. He will probably be a recurring character. [Spoiler TV]


Brendon Connelly at /Film has seen a clip from the genetic engineering thriller. Says Connelly:

The scene we were treated to comes from an early moment in the story. Clive and Elsa, as played by Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley, are a young couple who also work together trying to create new life forms from animal DNA. They won't use anything lifted from the human genome for ethical reasons, but everything else is fair game. At this moment, they've created something, their most advanced 'something' so far and it's incubating in the lab.

Clive decides that it should be terminated while Elsa disagrees. What follows is the unveiling of the creature, and a tense scene in a lab wherein the little critter tries to avoid termination.



Executive producer Roberto Orci says in the eighth episode, we'll see many Observers and learn a lot about them and their role in the world. He also says that the fourth, eighth, and twelfth episodes will be important to the Observers and the show's larger continuity. [TV Guide]


These set photos come from a scene in which a police officer falls off a parking garage, with a stuntman playing the role of the ill-fated cop:


Orci talks a bit more about the coming season and Leonard Nimoy in the October issue of SciFi Magazine:

[Fringe Television]

This series is heavily featured in Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV preview issue, out now. Season two, episode five is filming in the grounds of a semi-defunct mental hospital, and it's about a guy who believes his boss is an evil ram-horned creature in disguise. This season, Olivia will get super-hearing. Astrid has a scene with a bottle of leeches and a blender.


And the over-arching weirdness in season two will come from the idea that an army from the alternate universe has declared war on our reality. The people from "over there" will be putting the final pieces of their invasion plan in place. To that end, the alternate universe will recruit a super-spy played by Thomas Kretschmann. [EW]


The producers are looking to cast an East Indian girl, age 10-13, for the tenth episode. She will be a student in India, very engaged with her lesson. [Spoiler TV]

And here are several promo images from the first two episodes, many taken from the same scenes as yesterday's images:


New Moon

Scans from the Australian magazine Film In feature interviews with the cast:

[Spoiler TV]


Set photos from the third Twilight balance Kristen Steart with equal parts Team Edward and Team Jacob:

[Spoiler TV]

Stargate SG-1

Amanda Tapping has said that production on an SG-1 movie could go into production later this year, once the first season of Stargate Universe wraps. If that's the case, Martin Wood would direct the movies. Tapping will appear in SGU's premiere. [Spoiler TV]


In the first few episodes, we'll only see snippets of characters' flashforwards, but they'll be fleshed out throughout the season. Joseph Fiennes' character, FBI agent Mark Beford will have a scene with daughter where he rolls and egg toward her and says in an English accent: "As Eggbert Eggbottom the Third, I would
like to egg-spress my desire for you to eat oatmeal this morning. Can I get a 'cluck-cluck?" and the egg shortly falls on the floor. John Cho's character Demetri Noh is about to get married when everyone has their flashforward and, since he doesn't have one, begins to wonder if he should break off the engagement. [EW]


In the final moment of the season premiere, we'll find out how Lois is the key to Clark's journey. [EW]

And there's a new Season 9 promo:



Here's a new clip from this direct-to-DVD super-team movie, showcasing Metallo:

Vampire Diaries

The images come from the show's fourth episode, "Family Ties:"

[VampireDiaries Show]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown and Charlie Jane Anders.