Robert Goodin's blog Covered invites artists to remix and reinterpret their favorite comic book covers, resulting in fun and funky covers of classic superhero art.

An illustrator and animator, Goodin receives several submissions each week for Covered, posting images based on a wide variety of comics, from Marvel and DC's superhero books to Disney and romance comics. Below are just a few of the dozens of comic cover covers featured on his blog.

[Covered via Underwire]

Nexus #13: Original by Steve Rude, Cover by Paco Afromonkey

Avengers #221: Original by Ed Hannigan and Joe Rubinstein, Cover by Jon Adams

Tales of Suspense #89: Original by Gene Colan and Frank Giacoia, Cover by Mark Todd

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie II: Original by Jim Lawson and Lavigne, Cover by Will Dinski

Millie the Lovable Monster #4: Original by Bill Woggon, Cover by Alessa Kreger

Dr. Who #3: Original by Dave Gibbons, Cover by Lisa Hanawalt

Captain America #2: Original by Joe Simon, Cover by Danny Hellman

Brave and the Bold #68: Original by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson, Cover by Matthew Allison

Green Lantern #122: Original by Dick Giordano, Cover by Mark Grambau

GI Joe #1: Original by Herb Trimpe and Bob McLeod, Cover by Ryan Dunlavey