This alien invader is so eager to get hold of your beer supply, he's disguising himself as a mini-fridge. Okay, so it's not the most cunning disguise ever, but he's counting on the fact that alien-looking fridges and other housewares are all trendy nowadays. At least, British furniture brand Established & Sons thinks so — it's collaborating with Dutch designer Maarten Baas to create The Chankley Bore, a new line of alien-schwag for your home.

Baas is known for making neat pieces of furniture by repurposing different materials like clay, waste from giant furniture plants, and IKEA stools. The only drawback of these alien creatures is that you can't always tell, at a glance, what function they're supposed to serve. Until it's too late, that is. Images by Mike Goldwater

Maarten Baas main page via Dezeen