Today's spoilers include a heaping pile of Lost, including a character you thought we'd never see again. Supernatural's Lucifer sports a T-shirt and jeans, and we see how Jennifer's Body begins. Plus Cloudy, True Blood, Fringe, Pandorum, Smallville, and FlashForward.

Jennifer's Body

A new TV spot shows a little bit of the murder that gets this demonic party started:

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Honolulu International Airport was dressed up as LAX for Lost filming, with Matthew Fox (Jack), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Josh Holloway (Sawyer), and Naveen Andrews (Sayid) expected on set. Visitors spotted the Oceanic Airlines logo as well as Daniel Roebuck, who played the late (exploded) Dr. Leslie Arzt, leading some to speculate that we will see another timeline showing the safe landing of Oceanic Flight 815. [Hawaii Blog]


Another set report comes from the site of the now-demolished Swan Station, and appears to be set after Juliet detonated the bomb. Jack, Kate, Miles, and Jin were all on set, and Sawyer was visibly upset over Juliet's actions. He runs toward the hole, which is now filled with metal from the site. The set reporter also saw stunt doubles climb out of the hole using vines. They also saw Hurley and Sayid on set, but not filming, and Sayid's Dharma uniform was still covered in blood. [KryptonSite]

At Seattle's Bumbershoot festival, a panel of writers and producers claimed that, while the creative team does have a roadmap for mysteries that have to be explained, not every single detail will be made clear. They also said we'll be seeing Charlie and possibly the flight attendant Cindy as well, that season six will have a significant spiritual bent, and that the final shot of the show is already planned. [Pop Distillery]

Starting in the fourth episode of the sixth season, Lost will feature a recurring character, a teenage boy who has dealt with a horrible family accident and has been put in charge of something important, something that weighs heavily on him. He's also described as "wise beyond his years." Could this be the younger version of a character we've already met? An older version of Aaron? [Dark UFO]


Photos from the second episode "Night of Desirable Objects" suggest that Charlie is still with us after the season premiere:

[Spoiler TV]

At Dragon*Con, Leonard Nimoy reiterated that he will appear in multiple episodes this season, including one that will air next month set around the alternate universe. [Trek Web]


In the images for the season's third episode "Free to be You and Me," Dean and Castiel pose as FBI agents, and we get our first look at Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer. Evidently, it was Casual Friday in Hell:


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Here are four clips from the computer-animated food fest:

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True Blood

HBO has put together a teaser trailer for Sunday's season finale:

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The new promo pledges our heroes (and presumably the writers) will be "back at their best:"


The Box

Here's the French poster for Richard Kelly's adaptation of Richard Matheson's short story, "Button, Button:"



The Brazilian one-sheet for Pandorum features what appears to be a countdown clock:


New Moon

The latest still shows Edward in a bedroom with Bella, although it's not clear if he's the real Edward, or just a figment of her imagination:

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In the sixth episode, "Crossfire," Lois and Clark kiss, which is the first time that their attraction is mutually acknowledged without any external forces or time alterations. This episode sets up Lois's departure in the seventh episode "Kandor" and her return in the eighth episode "Idol." Also, there will be an ominous revelation about Lois's futuristic time flashes. [KryptonSite]

And here are a few more images from the season opener, "Savior:"



Below is a UK promo, slightly different from the promos airing in the US:



ABC describes the characters in a press release for the pilot. Roxie is an extroverted artist, Kat an overworked wife and mother, and Joanna a wallflower local reporter, and the three didn't get along for many years because of their preconceived notions about one another. But a strange encounter in the park prompts them to bond over martinis and wish for change in their lives. This unlocks a power within each of them and brings the wealthy, mysterious Darryl Van Horne into town, who will help them discover their powers. We'll also meet Penny, Joanna's co-worker and best friend, Bun, the fun and kooky head of the Eastwick Historical Society (who may have the key to Darryl's true identity), and Mia, Roxie's teenaged daughter. Certain men in Eastwick, including Joanna's crush Will and Kat's layabout husband Raymond become unintentional targets of the women's powers. [Spoiler TV]


The titles of the first four episodes will be "Pilot," "Reaping and Sewing," "Madams and Madames," and "Fleas and Casserole." []

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown and Charlie Jane Anders.