Four competing companies offer artworks based on your unique genetic code, but which one will make your genes look coolest? We compare DNA portraits from each company, each with a very different take on the art of genetic information.

DNA Art Forms takes a more interpretive approach with DNA portraiture than most companies. After identifying 15 unique regions of your genetic code, clients consult with an artist as to how they want their DNA represented, be it as an abstract form, a landscape, or as an actual portrait including your image. Portraits start at $1500, and clients are consulted each step of the way, approving concept sketches before paint ever touches canvas.

DNA 11, which claims to have pioneered the DNA portrait, takes a more straightforward approach, taking a traditional representation of a genetic profile and offering it in a wide variety of colors and sizes. The glass portraits start at $199, and fingerprint and kiss portraits are available as well.


If you just want a representation of a single gene, My Gene Image will look at a single gene from your genetic sample, such as an eye color, pheromone, circadian rhythm, or mood gene. The company will then identify the sequence of nucleotides that make up that gene, and will render the gene as a series of As, Ts, Gs, and Cs against a colorful background.

WEB2DNA doesn't actually sell artwork, and its images don't actually represent human DNA, although they are done in the style of a genetic profile. It actually converts website data into a visual structure based on DNA portraits, creating a visual "genetic profile" for your website. And, if the mood strikes you, you could always print it out and hang it on your wall.

[via The Bio(logy) Blog]

London Calling DNA Portrait from DNA Art Forms

Miss Mad M DNA Portrait from DNA Art Forms

Theresa DNA Portrait from DNA Art Forms

Ephemeral — Two DNA Profiles from DNA Art Forms

Catherine — Single DNA Profile from DNA Art Forms

One Wish for You DNA Landscape — Three DNA Profiles from DNA Art Forms

DNA Profiles as Cityscape from DNA Art Forms

Orange Profile from DNA11

Two DNA Profiles from DNA11

Blue Profile from DNA11

Blue Mosaic Gene Rendering from My Gene Image

Orange Life Gene Rendering from My Gene Image

Pink Eye Color Gene Rendering from My Gene Image

"DNA" Rendering of Website Data from