Ubernerd Martin Anderson argues in a surprisingly persuasive essay that corridors - from trippy to utilitarian - are crucial to great scifi concept design. Check out these famous scifi corridors and tell us which corridor rules them all.

Let us consider the following images. Above, we have the classic corridor that started it all in 2001. Check out the rest before taking our poll, all the way at the end of this post.

Here's the fine corridor, packed with babes, from classic 80s James Bond flick Moonraker.

Here the Sandmen go zooming around their domed, doomed city in the silvery future-car corridor from Logan's Run.

This is pretty much the classic scifi horror corridor, from Aliens. As Anderson points out, versions of this corridor have appeared in countless first-person shooter games.

Whoa, dude, it's the wavy weirdy corridor from Saturn 3.

And here's the retro-style corridor from recent indie flick Moon, which has a mirror all the way at the end to give you the illusion of prefab hell going on forever.

Here's another classic corridor, from the ship Nostromo in the original Alien film. Its industrial feel gave this outer space flick its grittiness - you knew you were a long way from Star Trek when you saw it.

Read more about these corridors and others in Anderson's article at Den of Geek.