Ten minutes of new clips from "The Road" bring on the post-apocalyptic family bonding as a father and son flee scary truckers, evade cannibals, and eat cheetos in a bomb shelter. Also included are God talk and prayer.

In these clips, it appears that the allegorical feeling of "The Road" is going to include a strong undercurrent of Christian-style spirituality. At one point, the father talks about how his child is "God" to him; at another, the kid prays his thanks for a bag of cheetos. We never really know what's caused the apocalypse in this movie, so throwing in a little random Christianity makes sense. Basically the film is vague enough that you can build your own allegory - maybe the apocalypse was caused by God; maybe it was caused by redneck cannibals. You watch these clips and decide.

"The Road" hits theaters later this month.

"I Don't Want to Just Survive"

"You Never Killed A Man"

"He's a God"

"Thank You For All This Stuff"

"Bad Guys"