These creatures may remind you of something lurking in your memory . . . a movie about a strange alternate world, filled with bizarre landscapes and even more bizarre aliens . . . what is it?

I stumbled across this image on Journey Round My Skull, which reminded me of the amazing 1972 movie it comes from: La Planete Sauvage (sometimes translated as Fantastic Planet), illustrated by weirdo genius Roland Topor.

You can watch La Planete Sauvage in English on YouTube. It is completely delightful, with music that reminds me a little of French ambient band Air. The sounds and images fit perfectly with the creepy, weird story of giant blue aliens who spend all their time toying with teeny humanoids called Om. They also do something they call meditating, but which looks like a futuristic version of zoning out on the web. Eventually, there's a clash between the oppressed Om and the aliens who have been tormenting them.