Fox News is on top of the latest Yeti reports... whether they want to be or not. Watch as host Shep Smith rolls his eyes at the mighty Bigfoot. Where was all this sass during Fox's cooler yeti craze?

A group of tourists in Poland have VIDEO-TAPE EVIDENCE of the Big-Footed beast. And Fox host Shep Smith is pained to bring you that latest supernatural news. Sure it's terribly shaky and probably a completely fake video, but what's with all the 'tude, Shep? Granted, it's terrible, but we remember a more Big-Foot-friendly era, when kids with a ice box full of fake fur demanded more respect from TV hosts. Shep you made us like your temper for dropping the F-bomb on Fox, don't throw it all away!

Here's the full youtube video:

But as for the second part of the video with Japan's Prime Minister's wife and her alien issues, Shep may be right — she's nuts.