Though the sequel to toxic-waste-created kaiju flick The Host is still over a year away, the studio has released a first glimpse at the new Hostie monster.

Twitch posted this image yesterday, of Hostie running through the streets outside Seoul. Looks like he'll be straying away from the water, at least for a little while, though the giant mutant carp originally emerged from toxin-laced water near Seoul. None of the original team who made The Host will be back for this sequel, sadly - even the special effects company The Orphanage who made such great effects in the first flick have been dumped for a local Korean CG house.

This doesn't mean The Host 2 will be bad, however: This CG shot looks great, and sometimes a new director can inject extra life into a monster flick (just look at what Guillermo Del Toro did with Blade II).

via Twitch