In the eerie altered photographs of Simen Johan, you can see glimpses of a world where humans are ghosts and animals possess an intelligence we never had. Once you've seen these fox faces up close, you can't look away.

Johan's surreal depictions of animals, landscapes, and rooms seem to hover between science fiction and the supernatural. A half-burned cross made out of what look like chained-together ragdolls balances on top of a sofa in the kind of trashed, scary room that looks ripped from one of the scary scenes in Blair Witch Project. Elsewhere, wild animals are given intensely human expressions that hint at a deeper intelligence, while humans look like dancing ghouls. The Scandinavian artist, now living in New York, seems to be depicting a post-apocalyptic world that is filled with strange new kinds of life. As our human remains rot away, animals take over where we left off. You can see more of Simen Johan's haunting work on his website.

via Sci-Fi-O-Rama