Brian McCarty's toy photographs employ professional set dressing, dramatic lighting, and human extras to create strange and charming science fiction scenes with vinyl robots, monsters, and aliens as the subjects.

Much of McCarty's work is commercial, commissioned by toy companies, Rockstar Games, and Adult Swim, and his job is to bring art toys to life. In the process, he's amassed an impressive portfolio of playful scenes starring everything from the Hulk to Sasquatch to visitors from another world.

[McCarty PhotoWorks via The Photo Argus via The Presurfer]
[Brian McCarty on Flickr]

Broken Hearted Robot

Alter Ego

Bertie the Pipebomb

Turtle Camper

The God of Animation



Sasquatch Splash

Mom and Dad


Sasquatch Attack!

Bunny Van

Business as Usual

Laughing Squid



El Chupacabra

Little A'Le'Inn

Shake-zula, the Mic Rula

Transformers Go to Hollywood