We've got 9's secret ragdoll-making mad science journal, complete with ink blots, sketches and doomsday prophesies. Flip through our exclusive pages, and check out your chance to win the concept art book.

Only 999 of these special-edition collector's "9" movie books were produced - so here's your chance to win one of the nine copies that Focus Features has provided to us!

Each book is encased in a uniquely numbered burlap bag, featuring a special forward by Ray Kurzweil, behind-the-scenes art, an extensive collection of stills from the film, commentary from director Shane Acker and producers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov, and a DVD of the original short film by Shane Acker which inspired the full-length feature.


We're giving away three copies with each exclusive gallery that we're posting. So here's your first chance: email us your name and address at cp@io9.com. Winners will be chosen at random and alerted via email. You have 24 hours to get your email in, or you'll have to wait for the next drawing.

9 hits theaters on 9/9/09.

The scientist's experiment is even online and you can plunder through his things on the site with Elijah Wood.

A better look at the man in question.