Everybody likes to see a beautifully-displayed action figure collection, but Korean collector Cho Woong has taken his display to the next level. His apartment will give you a million ideas about how to make your collection look like art.

I feel like I'm looking at some Platonic ideal of the Ikea catalog, in which I'm able to discover the exact, perfect way to store all my toys and spaceships and robots without wasting space.

via Apartment Therapy (thanks, Tommy Wooh!)

How classy is that? Shiny Vader in the bathroom?

OK, this isn't an efficient use of space but it sure is a lovely little collection.

OMG that's a Terminator claw in that glass display. I am on fire with envy.

I WANT. Holy crap is there anything more awesome than the Millennium Falcon inside a glass coffee table, with those sleek sofas and cool lamp? It's like the perfect bachelor pad for seducing geeks.

A cunning use of wall display. Looks like art.

Perfect use for corner space!

This is a little much, but it's hard to store a full-sized Vader.