British time-travel show Doctor Who's taking us back to one of the Doctor's favorite historical eras, judging from some new set pics — and we'll be meeting one of history's greatest legends — and one of Doctor Who's worst villains.

There are spoilers in this post. Please exercise maximum spoiler contamination procedures.

So it appears the Daleks are back, and visiting World War II England. The posters at the GallifreyBase forums caught sight of some rooftop filming at this building, which is tricked out with barbed wire and soldiers bobbing around, and you can just glimpse the very top of a Dalek in this one.


And apparently, Winston Churchill is there. Or at the very least, the trailers on the set included the Doctor, Karen and Winston Churchill. So it's World War II, and the British Army are hanging around with Daleks.

According to observers, the Daleks are being friendly, since someone overheard a Dalek saying "Would you like a cup of tea?" And the Doctor tries to tell them that he's the Doctor and they are the Daleks, but they don't understand him. From the sound of things, the Daleks are totally domesticated and don't know they're supposed to be vicious killers — or maybe that's just what they want us to think!

Update: Here's an audio file of Matt Smith being a bit shouty and melodramatic:
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And rumor has it the episode is written by Mark Gatiss.

And today, there's a lot of filming happening in a place called Jacob's Market, featuring the Doctor, Churchill, and Bill Paterson playing some kind of professor character.


Thanks to Bluehinter for the heads up! Photos by the amazing Scooty and EmmaG892.