Now that summer is almost over, it's time to discover all new t-shirts that we wish we'd worn while the sun was still out. Click through forChuck action figures, undead video game characters and the ultimate Scott Pilgrim t-shirt.

Firstly, am I the only person who secretly sides with Bowser and has no problem watching Mario plunge to his death on any number of occasions? Somehow, I doubt it, and the existence of Single Second's Zombario t-shirt backs me up on that one:

Next up, NBC start the teasing for the next season of Chuck by teasing the release of a "Chuck 2.0" action figure shirt on Twitter, of all things. I'd complain about the cross-marketing, but I kind of really want the shirt:

However, nothing matches up to the sheer level of fanboy desire I got while seeing this here for the first time (The t-shirt, not Ellen Wong, for those who may be confused):

All of Ramona's Seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends? On one shirt? I'll agree with Devin that this other Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World shirt is kind of cool, but, man. This is the one that I may have to kill someone to get. Why couldn't you people have come up with these before I had to start thinking about Portland's fall rains?!?