Empire Magazine has released a few new stills from James Cameron's Na'vi world, showing new blue faces and sassy Pandora accessories. We sorted through the new pictures and couldn't help but comment on some of the hidden gems.

Thanks to Marketsaw for putting up the scans from Empire Magazine's Avatar issue.

While Sigourney's human form ages, her yellow eyed Avatar leaps and jumps through the trees with the greatest of ease. Look at those eyes, I know some people say it's still very CG, but this is a scan of a scan and even I'm impressed by the detail. [Via Marketsaw]

Let's assume this is the science brigade.


After watching the trailer I noticed a few things over the eyes of the Na'vi people while they were riding their winged beasts, and thought: Are those Na'vi oakleys?

Turns out yes, yes they are sunglasses. As is evident from the new Empire Magazine close up of Zoe Saldana. And does Zoe's character have ear gauges?????


Also I kind of love how they get scared cat ears when threatened, here's Sam Worthington's Avatar Jake demonstrating the mew pose. I Can Haz Avatar?


Finally, if we're going to talk about the cat ears then we must bring up the skinny tail. I have a feeling getting whacked with end of that is going to sting like a rat tail surprise in the shower.