Television has beamed some great heroes, and deadly villains, into your home. But who's the biggest ass-kicker in the television universe? You decide. Today's match: Caprica Six versus Number Six.

Caprica Six, of course, is the sexiest Cylon (unless you're got a Dean Stockwell fetish) who plays a key role in almost destroying humanity, and then later in saving it. Number Six is the super-spy who tries to retire and finds himself trapped in an idyllic village where total conformity and ubiquitous surveillance try to destroy his individualistic spirit.

So who would win? Sure, she's got the android super-strength, the coital glowy spine, and she could gang up on Number Six if there's more than one of her around. But he's got the amazing power of paranoia. And craftiness. And he's been known to make artificial intelligences self-destruct with a dose of pure, weaponized philosophy:


As a bonus, let me know in comments which television badasses you'd like to pit against the winner of today's grudge match. We've got a list of contenders already, but we're happy to hear your ideas. Villains, heroes, morally grey characters — it doesn't matter. It only matters if they can fight — and win!