In the trailer for the fourth season of The Venture Bros., bizarre clips and familiar characters whiz by at breakneck speed. We break it down shot-by-shot and try to glean what's next for Rusty and the team.

We open, quite appropriately, with the tanks that once contained Hank and Dean's clones, emptied at the end of last season. They don't look quite empty. Is Dr. Venture growing new clones, or is there a new project running? And who'd this new bodyguard.

Now we're back to the season finale, with the Monarch's henchman running around the Venture Compound lawn, with the slaughtered Hank and Dean clones at their feet.

Rusty runs through the Venture Compound while pursued by a violet light, possibly from a certain flying cocoon?

Well, something is going down with those cloning tanks. Sadly, we still don't get a very clear picture of what's inside of them.

And there are Nazis in the cloning room. Are we having a Boys from Brazil moment? Are they looking to clone Hitler? Or Girl Hitler?

Oh, and Rusty's there, too. Hi, Rusty!

Oof. Whatever the Nazis are up to, it doesn't seem to end well for them. Or maybe it turns them into supermen in a glowy, painful way.

It looks like Rusty wastes no time replacing H.E.L.P.eR. An Astro Boy send-up kills a snake in Brock's old room.

The Sovereign of the Guild of Calamitous Attempt makes a return...

...and yes, he's still David Bowie.

An aged Phantom Limb (with his hands now clearly visible) plays the tuba. (Edit: Several commenters note that this is probably one of Phantom Limb's Fantomas ancestors, which makes much more sense given the presence of Buddy Holly. Good call, folks.)

And he appears to be trying to jam with Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper.

21 still lives with his mom. It's nice to know some things don't change.

And we take a moment while Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy dance and mix drinks. But what are those things around their necks? Evidence of spinal cord injuries, or mind control collars?

Evidently, Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are channeling Avatar. I wonder if this could be anything other than a dream sequence, but in Venture Bros., anything is possible.

Finally, we see Brock, but what happened to his beautiful mullet?

Time has not been kind to hunchback Dean, but he still keeps around mementos of his prettier youth.

Seriously, who gave Hank a gun? I do dig the hair, though.

It looks like another showdown on the Venture lawn. Are those blotches of orange butterfly wings?

Rusty plummets from the top of the Venture compound, possibly in the same episode as image #3.

A somewhat udder-looking gun from the Cocoon. I wonder, do the different canons fire different materials?

What unholy slash fic did this come out of? Also, Billy looks kind of hungover.

General speculation is that this is Captain Sunshine, finally getting revenge on the Monarch for the death of Wonder Boy.

And there goes the Monarch screen.

Dean starts going off about how he loves Hitler. Commenter m-d suggests that he's talking about Girl Hitler, and I suspect he's right. Perhaps this is related to the Nazis in the cloning lab? Also, is that Sergeant Hatred? What is that on his face?

Hank is not only growing his hair to look like Brock's (or at least like Brock's used to), he's spending some questionable time with Dermott Fictel, who might be Brock's son.

Rusty meets 21's LARP crew. He seems less concerned about what 21 is doing there in the first place than all the graffiti on the X-1, making me wonder if he's Rusty's new bodyguard.

It looks like Sergeant Hatred is still hanging around the Ventures. Is he locked in that room to protect Hank and Dean from his urges?

This may take place after Captain Sunshine's attack, as the Monarch screen is now resting on a makeshift stand. Also, the casual way Rusty asks Dr. Mrs. Monarch for 21 suggests that whatever 21 is doing with Rusty, it's no secret from his employers.

The Monarch asks 21 to kill the cab driver downstairs. Funny, the Monarch used to just kill cab drivers himself.

Also, grief has not treated 21 kindly.

Dean really had no chance when Rusty put him in that first speedsuit. Now he's going to be wearing those things for the rest of his life. And Rusty seems be telling Dean about arch-nemeses like he's explaining the Facts of Life. At least he seems to be paying attention to one of his kids.

Commenter tnmnsquare wondered if this was a Spider Jerusalem reference, but I think the bald head just makes it look that way. Those are ordinary 3D glasses — from the future.

I have no words for what is going on here.

Really, none.

Dean's body withers into dust, and we're out. Can't wait for November.