New pictures reveal Jamie Bamber's role in Dollhouse, and Thor may have a female Asgardian. Plus: explosive images from Gamer and Supernatural, visits to the sets of Stargate Universe and The Vampire's Assistant. Also? Hancock 2, Fringe, Eclipse, and Lost.


New promo pictures of the season premiere "Vows" show a beatific Echo getting married to Jamie Bamber. So is Bamber a client? It doesn't look that way. In an attempt to use the Dollhouse's resources to do some good, Paul has arranged this particular engagement. Echo has been engaged to be Bamber's new wife...and gather incriminating information on his arms trafficking. Of course, like most of Echo's engagements, this one goes awry, and Paul is forced to try to trick Echo into reverting to a former assignment as a martial arts expert.

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Diora Baird announced on Twitter that she has auditioned for a role in the movie as a character described as "pretty, but sturdy with muscle." She wouldn't reveal who the character is, but CHUD speculates it could be an Asgardian, such as Sif or the Enchantress. [CHUD]

Hancock 2:

Director Peter Berg says the sequel may tweak the mythology of the first film, which said that Will Smith and Charlize Theron were the only two gods left alive — there may be a third god in the sequel. Since Smith and Theron weakened each other when they got together, we may get to see what happens when there's a third god in the mix. Also, the subplot involving Jason Bateman's advertising exec character will pick up where it left off, with him starting his charity campaign. [Sci Fi Wire via ScreenCrave]

The Vampire's Assistant:

IGN visited the set of the first Cirque du Freak film, and watched a scene between vampires John C. Reilly and Willem Dafoe:

The scene we observed being filmed that day saw Reilly, adorned in a reddish rockabilly wig, acting opposite Dafoe as Gavner Purl, a vampire general and old friend of Larten Crepsley's. Dafoe is similarly dandified as Purl, sporting a pencil mustache, slicked back hair and dark clothing in a look inspired, we're told, by Salvador Dali. In the scene, Gavner visits Larten's home to arrest his old friend at swordpoint.

IGN also said Dafoe's performance was especially masterful, with shades of intensity, camp, and wistfulness coloring a single scene. [IGN]


A fresh casting notice for the sixth season reveals a new character:

Lennon: Scruffy, edgy, charismatic, and slightly stir-crazy, Lennon can be deferential when it's called for. He's the spokesperson/translator for the president of a foreign corporation. He's a wily negotiator, and far more powerful than his lowly position would seem to indicate. Recurring.

The casting director is looking for an actor in his mid 30s to late 50s for the role. [EW]


The latest Fringe promo is heavy on the symbols, light on the spoilers:

Another rumor suggests that Kirk Acevedo's character, Charlie, may not be leaving after all, though one character does die in the premiere. Also, two characters will kiss in the premiere, and another will face "medical uncertainty." [TV Guide]


Summit has confirmed that Jodelle Ferland will be playing the role of Bree, and has announced casting for a pair of werewolves: Julia Jones will play lone female wolf Leah Clearwater and BooBoo Stewart takes the role of younger brother Seth. [MTV]

Stargate Universe:

SGU recently filmed a scene for the 14th episode, "Human," at the University of British Columbia. The scene shows Rush and Daniel prior to Rush's recruitment into the Stargate Program, and a few fans captured video (sadly, no audio) and photos from the public shoot:



A flurry of new promo stills put the focus on guns and explosions, with a couple of arcade cabinets thrown in for good measure:


The Lovely Bones:

Two new images give us another look at the murdered Susie Salmon:



If the promo images are any indication, we're in for a load of tussling in the Supernatural season premiere, "Sympathy for the Devil:"

[Spoiler TV]

The season's sixth episode will center on the show's version of the Tooth Fairy, whom the casting notice suggests may exist as the result of a young boy's powers:

Jesse: An all-American boy age 11 who is wise beyond his years. He was adopted as an infant and remains perplexed by his unusual powers. He possesses a childlike innocence-he believes in the Tooth Fairy (Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!)! He suddenly finds himself faced with a very adult decision. Recurring role.


Defying Gravity:

Things get spooky on the seventh episode, "Fear:"

It's Halloween aboard the Antares and the forces of darkness are revealed in more ways than one, as feverish hallucinations jeopardize the lives of the crew just as they're about to embark on a promotional event for which the whole world is waiting.

[Spoiler TV]

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies:

After seeing the live-action Metallo, we get a look at the animated version in the upcoming DC Universe movie:


ABC is looking for a few minor characters for the fourth episode:

[CLERK] (Late 20's, Early 30's) Clerk at a hip boutique in Eastwick. She is fashion-forward, trendy in a way that Kat has never been. 1 line. CO-STAR ROLE. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

[TEENAGE BOY] (18 to play 17 or Legal 18) A regular looking boy, who attends Mia's high school. He is approached by Roxie, who grills him about her daughter Mia's location. Roxie also informs him that his mother has found his stash. 1 Line. CO-STAR ROLE.

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Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Alexis Brown.