Cartoonist Mark Anderson is using Lego blocks to invent new imaginary spaceships, but with a small twist: each ship's design is based on a letter of the alphabet.

At the moment, Anderson has only eight ships, though he's looking to make it all the way to 26 — hopefully with X and Y-shaped ships that don't too closely resemble the X-Wings and Y-Wings from Star Wars. If he does manage to finish and photograph all 26 ships, the result will make for a visually interesting, rather out of the ordinary alphabet poster.

[Andertoons Flickr via Brothers Brick]

MOC-005 A Fighter


MOC-006 B Spaceship

MOC-008 C Spaceship


MOC-009 D Spaceship

MOC-010 E Spaceship


MOC-011 F Spaceship

MOC-012 LEGO G Spaceship


MOC-013 LEGO H Spaceship