You may remember Doug Jones' freaktastic galloping entrance in the Legion trailer. We asked the melty ice-cream man of death himself, Doug Jones, about his role and whether this boil-popping thriller is going to get even more disgusting.

We were ecstatic to interview Doug Jones at the Wrath of Con party over Comic Con and we've been holding on to this gem, so we could show you his creepy footage from the Legion clips alongside it. The whole interview is transcribed below, as it gets a little difficult to hear in some places.

I'm one of [the bad guys]. I basically have a [few] showcase cameos in the film. My character plays in about the third part of the film. And that's when things break loose, or when Heaven breaks loose rather. That said, I think theologically, it's a big mind-bend. It's a good conversation starter for topics on religion, it really is. Because humanity is in a place where we might deserve another flood, like what happened in the Old Testament. That's the question he's posing with this script. And it's really well written, it's a beautiful movie.

Tell us about Paul [Bettany] as the angel. Why does he need a gun and a knife?

Paul Bettany's character, as you saw in the footage, he cuts his wings off. He's actually going away from the orders he was given when he comes to Earth. I don't want to give too much away, but he's kind of a rebellious angel. And with the rebel comes a knife and a gun.


How violent does this movie get?

Pretty darn. Pretty darn violent, but in such a creative way that it's not like blood-on-the-wall horror film at all. It's apocalyptic, it's epic, it's going to make you shudder, possibly yell an scream. I think; that's how I would feel.


What freaked you out?

Well, the angel that inhabits a human being, that makes an entrance before me, is a woman. It's an old woman in a diner, another cameo in the film. But it is something that will absolutely freak your pants off.

Then we asked him about being in a movie where he wasn't covered in make up like in Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy or Pan's Labyrinth and he has a pretty sweet response to that along with seeing his face on a t-shirt.


Here are a slew of new Legion stills released from Sony. We can't wait for the spiritual cleansing!


Additional reporting by Caitlin Petrakovitz