Concept art for Jeffrey Lau's "martial arts Transformers" film Kung-Fu Cyborg has come out, and the giant fist-of-death-wielding robots look just as magnificent as you'd hope. And there are robot throwing stars. Yes, really!

A gallery of Kung-Fu Cyborg concept art went up at (more at the link) including some battle scenes and some awe-inspiring hardware:

Kung-Fu Cyborg had its premiere over the weekend, and provides this plot synopsis:

The story takes place in a futuristic world, where robots are at war with each other. Hu Jun plays a police officer who becomes a cyborg. Sun Li plays the adopted sister of Hu Jun, who falls in love with a cyborg. Wu Jing plays a robot who has become evil but eventually turns over a new leaf.

The visual effects, from the same team who created Kung-Fu Hustle, are supposed to be amazing. And actor Eric Tsang promises: "Many cinema goers burst into laughter at the beginning of Jeffrey Lau's film, but leave the cinema in tears. When they are back home recalling the scenarios, they laugh again."