Didn't get a chance to see this week's Perseid meteor shower? Amateur and professor astronomy photographers have captured images of the shooting meteors from all over the world.

The Perseid meteor shower occurs every year when the Earth passes into a cloud of debris trailing behind the comet Swift-Tuttle. The shower has already passed its peak for the year, but several quick-fingered photographers have shared their photos of the meteors streaking the sky:

Turn Basin at NASA's Kennedy Space Center: This may actually be an incidental meteor rather than a Perseid, since its path doesn't point back to the shower's radiant. [APOD]

Perseid shooting across star trails by Izzyman1.

Perseid over Mudanya, Turkey by Ugur Ikizler.

Shooting Star Inn & Observatory just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona by Tom Taylor.

Perseid over Malta by stefni082.

Meteor over Halifax, Nova Scotia by Michael Boschat.

Perseid over Laleh-zar, Kerman, Iran by Ehsan Rostamizadeh.

Rooftop view of Perseid in Washington Heights, NYC by meg21210.

Perseid over Glade Park, CO by Thad V'Soske.