Bruce Willis' new film Surrogates will march into the uncanny valley between "comfortably robotic" and "recognizeably human" — and start digging, judging from some new freaktastic photos showing half-human, half-robot faces, and glassy-eyed mannequins. A gallery of spoilery pics below.

In The Surrogates, based on the acclaimed Robert Venditti graphic novels, it's the future and nobody ever leaves the house any more. Instead, people use perfect, beautiful robotic bodies to venture out in the world — until it all goes wrong, and a cop played by Willis has to go out and investigate in the flesh. We first showed you some freaktastic images of this movie's robot bodies last year, but these new stills fully confirm it: the robots will look scary and unreal, sort of like the Bionic Woman's fembots crossed with new-style Cylons.

The Surrogates comes out Sept. 25. More pics at the link. [IGN]