Chet Phillips imagines an alternate Victorian Era that's not only filled with rayguns and steam-powered contraptions, but also shows that technology being operated by furry-faced monkeys.

Phillips' series "Steampunk Monkey Nation" is available on Etsy for $18 a print, or $8 for the entire pack of collectible cards, each containing the respective monkey's bombastic name, favored technologies, and backstory. Phillips also has a second simian series, "World War Monkey."

[Chet Phillips' Etsy via Drawn!]

Thaddeus J. Malarky

Hester Farklebot

Enrique Crimsonpoole

Eduardo Blacklard

Bertram Vendetta

Obediah Krinklenut

Phineas H. Flabbergast

Theodosia B. Smirch

Sebastian Cluttermuck

Gregor Bravadoclod

Parthenia R. Poppycog

Ezekiel M. Nightshade

Henrich Waddlerot

Horatio Sprocketnotch

Zebulon T. Viperfang

Hans Von Grubmunch

Edwina Hornswoggler

Meriwether Ironcrumpet

Archibald T. Gasketlatch