Today we've got your guides to the Fringe and Chuck season premieres, a few new superheroes from Kick-Ass, and a Caprica casting rumor that will leave you scratching your head. Plus, more from Pandorum, FlashForward, Smallville, V, and Vampire Diaries.


The Kick-Ass trailer from Comic Con is grainy, but offers a look at Red Mist (now with too much hair gel), Big Daddy in costume, and more of Hit Girl's grisly tricks:


Dennis Quaid describes this movie about astronauts waking up with amnesia:

It's got some graphic violence in it and everything, but it's got a great story and some amazing action. The story, it all makes sense. In a way, there's a little tinkering with evolution going on here.

[Sci Fi Wire]


Reports out of Wizard World Chicago claim that Luciana Carro, who played Louanne "Kat" Katraine on Battlestar Galactica, has been cast in Caprica, but no word on what her role would be, or whether her Caprica character will be related to her BSG character. [Battlestar Blog]


In case there was any doubt, Elizabeth Mitchell has confirmed that she'll be back on Lost this season as Juliet:

Yes, I will actually be back on Lost. I can't say whether I'm dead or not, but as in all things in Lost, it'll be fairly tricky.

[SCI FI Wire]


The second episode of the second season will be called "Belle Chose." [Spoiler TV]


As we've mentioned, the first episode of the new season starts with a car crash which has a huge impact on one of our heroes. And when Olivia returns from the alternate universe, there's a catch — for one thing, she loses key parts of her memory of those events. Plus she's not the only one to come back through that mysterious doorway. The show's new character, Agent Jessup, provides an entry point for new viewers in the first episodes, since her character's dialogue is sort of like a "Fringe for dummies" crash course. And the episode ends with a crazy J.J. Abrams-style cliffhanger. [TV Addict]


And new set photos show filming inside a train station (and Kirk Acevedo on set):

[Spoiler TV]


Executive producer Jeff Bell says the new series will pay tribute to key scenes including the alien queen eating a hamster:

We would be morons if we didn't find a way to pay homage [to the original]. But if we had her do exactly what was done in the original, been there done that.

Some actors from the original series will also be making cameos in the new show. [Ausiello]


The season premiere is titled "Chuck vs. the Pink Slip," and Zachary Levi will be sporting a full beard, an old t-shirt, a baseball cap, and sunglasses for at least part of the episode. Despite rumors that Sarah would be working at a Subway this season, the Orange Orange set was still in use for the premiere.


We'll still be seeing the Buy More this season, but it won't be the same antics-driven shop as before. Tony Hale's character, Emmett Milbarge, will be running the store with an iron fist, and keeping a video of Joseph Stalin reviewing the troops at the Red Square running on the screens. His office will feature a giant executive chair and a "Buy-Moria" flag, and the newly demoted Big Mike is still stuck on the Buy More floor.

As for the rest of the season, Casey and Sarah will be functioning as Chuck's "senseis," helping him master his new abilities, and we will delve more into the backgrounds of the spies and their twisty backstories. And Casey, who will still be around the Buy More crew, may be getting a love interest.

[Chicago Tribune]

The Chuck cast (including bearded Levi) also say the new season will feature a love "trapezoid:"


The show's mysteries will continue after we reach April 29, 2009, the date of the flash the world experiences, says executive producer Marc Guggenheim. Also, Seth MacFarlane and Alex Kingston's roles will recur throughout the season, and Gabrielle Union's arc starts with the third episode. [Ausiello]

Defying Gravity:

A brief synopsis has been posted for the sixth episode, "Bacon:"

Some crew members struggle with guilt; a serious accident puts a crew member's life in danger.

[Spoiler TV]


Showrunner Brian Peterson has backpeddled a bit on calling the upcoming season of Smallville "dark:"

We might've misled people a little bit with that. Clark has some very dark decisions to make and he starts the season in a very dark place, but the season itself won't be dark.

We'll also see more romantic moments between Lois and Clark:

In fact, Clark and Lois will be back in each other's orbits and there will be a lot of the fun that we had last year-even more than we had last year.

In episode three, "Rabid," Lois and Clark get closer:

[They are] in the trenches fighting zombies. And when they catch their breath from fighting zombies, [romantic] sparks will fly.



The town of Eastwick may look a mite familiar to fans of Gilmore Girls. The Stars Hollow town square set is being recycled for the show. Coincidence, or attempt to attract subliminal warm fuzzies? Also, Sara Rue's may develop mystical powers down the line. [Ausiello]

Vampire Diaries:

In an interview with IESB, Ian Somerhalder described his character, the less human-friendly Damon as an angry and vengeful person who feels he's been wronged, and is lonely from seeing the people around him die. Somerhalder also says that it won't be long before Damon's discovered in town, and we'll learn about his backstory and the reasons behind his thirst for vengeance quickly enough. [IESB]

And, because someone at CW just won't stop taking pictures of the cast:

[Spoiler TV]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.