Stuck on the run because "the man" wants to shut down your dinosaur creationist park? Don't worry here are this week's juiciest scoops and secrets.

Dinosaur Creationism Theme Park Seized By The Government
You'd think that dinosaur-loving creationists would be law-abiding citizens. Not so. Last week a South Carolina judge ordered the government to seize control of Dinosaur Adventure Land creationist theme park after its owners were convicted of tax fraud.

District 9's Director Tells Us All About His Alien Back Story
Who are the humanly named "prawn" aliens of District 9, and where did they come from? Director Neill Blomkamp reveals all to us about these beings, their planet, ships and possible home in the Andromeda Galaxy. Spoilers!

When Science Fiction Fans Go Bad
Most fans of science fiction and comic books just want to enjoy their hobby in peace, or maybe one day don a costume and save the world. But every now and then, a fan turns to the Dark Side instead.

Three Scenarios For The Future Of Romantic Love
We all know the future of sex involves robots and teledildonics, but what will love be like in centuries to come?

The Real Reason Marlon Wayans Passed On Playing Robin
We talked superheroes with the all-new "real American heroes," Marlon Wayans and Channing Tatum, and found out the real reason Marlon wasn't cast as Joel Schumacher's Robin.

Kick-Ass Clips Revel In The Messiness Of Real Superhero Violence
Four clips from the movie of Mark Millar's Kick-Ass reveal the bloody business of being a non-powered superhero in the real world. The costumed vigilantes crash into cars, get stabbed, and slice and taser their way to victory.

How Do We Get New Science Fiction Stories? Have New Nightmares
Tired of the creaky entertainment machine churning out copy-cat stories of zombies, superheroes, apocalypses and cyborgs? Then you need to conjure new dreads and fantasies in the real world, since that's where all our science fiction cliches come from.

Jim Henson's Studio Readies The Dark Crystal Sequel For Pre-Production
Great flying Gelflings - the Henson studio hasn't decided to abandon the Dark Crystal sequel. In fact, it's moving forward. Just in case you've run out of things to watch while getting high.

Why You Should Discover Iain M. Banks' Evil Twin
Iain M. Banks, one of the best writers of contemporary science fiction, has an evil twin: Iain Banks, without the M, crafts sadistic, often surreal, novels about religion, politics and disturbed families. Here's why science-fiction afficionados should read both Bankses.

Picture from Kyle Brady.