A new box set from Sony called "Icons of Sci-Fi: The ToHo Collection" hits shelves Aug. 18, and it's a pulpy tribute to the movie studio that brought you Godzilla, Mothra, and The H-Man. We've got some great screenshots.

This is just a sampling of the great collection of screenshots over at SciFi Japan, where there's also a lengthy and interesting review of the collection. It brings together The H-Man, Battle In Outer Space (never available in the US before), and Mothra.

You'll probably recognize Mothra the mega-caterpillar (later, mega-moth) and the two teensie twins who can control him with their tiny songs. But H-Man, a glowing guy who can melt people and cause go-go dancers to pose in sultry ways, may be less familiar. What's particularly interesting about this collection is that it has both the US and Japanese version of H-Man, which (like Godzilla) had a significantly different US version. There are also a lot of commentary tracks from experts on the movies, as well as the people who worked on restoring these prints and adding lost footage to them.

via SciFi Japan

We're here to save the day in "Battle In Outer Space"!

On the left are subtitles for the Japanese version of the movie, and on the right are the subtitles for the American version. As you can see, there are a few, um, differences in the translation.

Salarymen will always save you in "The H-Man"!

Oh no, Mothra! Don't burn up!