Disney's Princess and The Frog has been getting a lot of flack for reportedly turning the first black Disney Princess green for a majority of the film. I'm not so sure this videogame tie-in is going to help their case.

Here's the drama: A lot of people are upset, and rightly so, that the first African American Disney Princess will spend the majority of the film as a green frog. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised at the seemingly diverse animated cast on this deck of cards that was being handed out at Comic Con:

But any feelings of multicultural warm-fuzzies were pretty much shot to hell after I played the Princess-centered little computer game on the movie's website. Needless to say the premise left me a bit, stunned. The main character, Tiana, is sent on a mission to retrieve the rich white girl's tiara, so she can borrow it, but along the way she's asked to fetch some hot sauce for the gumbo before she has permission to get to the rich girl's bedroom. For a movie in which every move is being scrutinized by the media, why go there? It's, well, disappointing and almost too easy, so I will say no more. Tell me I'm being hyper sensitive but I was pretty shocked one of the first errands they send the black Princess on is to basically wait on a white lady. Shouldn't someone be checking this?