This was a record-breaking Comic Con, filled with bright lights, brilliant costumes, and lines everywhere. If you couldn't be at the convention, or simply couldn't be everywhere at once, check out our summary of SDCC coverage you might have missed.

We braved the insane lines at Hall H to check out footage of the year's upcoming slate of scifi films, including James Cameron's Avatar, Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, Tron Legacy, undead headbasher Zombieland, Diablo Cody's teenspeak horror flick Jennifer's Body, postapocalyptic The Book of Eli, foul-mouthed superhero adaptation Kick-Ass, supernatural Western Jonah Hex, and Robert Downey Jr.'s witty turns in Iron Man 2 and Sherlock Holmes — plus, saw Peter Jackson's District 9 in its entirety. We also talked to Scarlett Johansson about rolling around in Black Widow's catsuit, got the low-down on Tony Stark's death wish, learned how Josh Brolin nearly lost an eye filming Jonah Hex, chest-baring New Moon, got Peter Jackson to spill on his ever-growing pile of projects, got Sigourney Weaver and Zoe Saldana's secrets to strong heroines, talked to Shane Acker about life after 9, and heard James Cameron's quest to keep his aliens looking weird.

It was also a big, big weekend for movie announcements. Gary Oldman let slip the plans for a new Batman movie (much to the studio's chagrin). Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman gave us the scoop on a possible third Star Trek movie. Johnny Depp confirmed his plans for a Dark Shadows movie. The Avengers superhero line-up is starting to fall into place. And Roland Emmerich revealed the identity of his Foundation screenwriter.

On the television front, Lost was big news (with an even bigger line), with certain deceased characters returning to the show (including one that's a real blast from the show's past). There was giant pink elephant in the room at the Futurama panel, where everyone wanted to know if the original voice actors would be coming back. They didn't get satisfaction, but they did find out whether Fry and Leela ever get together. The BBC gave us a fresh trailer for Doctor Who's killer episode "The Waters of Mars." We finally saw Dollhouse's post-apocalyptic episode, which left us longing for more Felicia Day. Heroes tried to win us back with lesbianism and carnival rides, while Caprica intrigued us with promises of interplanetary war. We also learned more about new shows FlashForward, Vampire Diaries, Stargate Universe, and the updates of The Prisoner and V.

And it wouldn't be Comic Con without the comics (we hope). We heard talk of the new Batgirl's identity and learned all about Superman's increasingly science-fictional storylines. We found out the long-disputed Miracleman has found a home with Marvel — and wondered what it means for the character's future. And we sat down with Marvel's Joe Quesada and DC's Dan Didio to chat about what the publishers have in store.

From the floor, we found the best comic book deals, wondered at the priciest toys, and assessed the Avatar backlash. We saw the best advertising of the Conand the very worst. We filmed the costumes and sketches of the Masquerade and stood in awe of the winners.

So, in the mess of celebrities, screenings, and big announcements, who came out on top? We have 10 winners who came out of Comic Con with even more buzz than before.

All in all, a fruitful and exhilarating Con. Now we're off to rest up for next year.