Lightning strikes near the tip of Anak Krakatoa, the "child" of the legendary volcano Krakatoa, whose eruption in 1883 killed an estimated 36,000 people. The volcano reawakened in 2007, then quieted down again... but now its fiery depths stir again.

A new eruption from Krakatoa could have disastrous effects on the entire world's climate, causing huge quantities of sulphur to fly into the atmosphere, reflecting sunlight and causing global temperatures to drop. (Which could actually come in handy about now.)

Dr.Marco Fulle, an Italian astronomer and volcano expert who runs Stromboli online, took these photos, showing the full extent of the reawakened volcano's destructive potential. One especially striking image (the one with the clouds and stars) shows the volcano against a backdrop of turning constellations, including the Plough and the Big Dipper.

Images by Dr. Marco Fulle/Bancroft Media. More photos are at the link. [Daily Telegraph]