Today's spoilers include an Avatar set pic, an Iron Man 2 set report, and major Predators dirt. Michelle Rodriguez and Bridget Moynihan join Battle: L.A. Plus New Moon nudity, Gamer explosions, G.I. Joe nano-wackiness, and Splice dysfunctionality. And Fringe/Lost casting!

Iron Man 2:

IGN has the same set visit report had earlier, but with a couple extra details. Like Vanko aka Whiplash has daddy issues just like Tony Stark — his father was a famous scientist named Anton.) And it turns out that in addition to coming out as Iron Man, Tony Stark has been trying to revive the Stark Expo his dad started, and use it to promote new energy sources. And Tony's trying to control his own technology and only use it for public benefit.


When we catch up to him six months after the first movie, things are just starting to go to hell. Halfway through the sequel, Tony hits "rock bottom," which doesn't have anything to do with alcohol, but is more related to trying to do everything and losing control over it all. Tony's imperious, I-can-do-it-all-myself attitude will cause tension with Pepper and Rhodey.

Also, Tony's workshop included a German passport, newspaper articles, a map of Antarctica, and a diagram of Captain America's shield. And there were several boxes marked "Project Pegasus," which is an energy project in the Marvel Universe that often attracts supervillain involvement. [IGN]


Here's a new production photo showing James Cameron on the set of his space mega-movie, tinkering with one of his huge guns. A bigger version is in the new issue of Empire Magazine, and on Empire's site. And there's also a piece of concept art at Slashfilm, which looks a bit familiar to me but may actually be new. [Empire via Slashfilm]


Robert Rodriguez confirms this movie takes place on an alien planet, and says he hopes Arnold Schwarzenegger could come back, at least for a cameo. And he says the movie's title has a double meaning:

the predators, are you talking about the creatures or are you talking about this group of humans that are actually going in there against them. Are they going to kill each other off if there were no predators?


G.I. Joe:

ComingSoon/SuperheroHype visited the set of this movie and observed the filming of the scene where Duke carries the Baroness to safety, though explosions, gunfire and jets of water shooting up into the damaged MARS base. And producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura explains exactly what's the deal with those nanotech-enhanced Vipers:

One of the experimentations that they're doing in this movie is on this human experimentation and can they make you not have no fear, have no hesitation of orders, increased endurance and things like that. One of the things that The Doctor character in this movie is [doing is] he's experimenting on these Vipers and Neo Vipers too see how invulnerable you can make them.

And it sounds like Snake Eyes has a scene where he walks on his fingertips. [SuperheroHype]


Stargate's David Hewlett says his character doesn't do much in this movie, but "he's definitely a thorn in our heroes' side." And he says the movie, which director Vincenzo Natali has described as "The Bonnie and Clyde of genetics," is going to push the boundaries of both science fiction and good taste. The sexy human-animal hybrid film is very dark, and so shocking it's almost a comedy, but not quite. "It almost mimics a dysfunctional family. It touches on religion, sex, aging, the quest to be the first."[Sci Fi Pi]

New Moon:

The movie whose main selling point seems to be large amounts of shirtlessness will have a nude scene. Actor Jamie Campbell-Bowers, who plays one of the Volturi, says they just added a scene where he, Michael Sheen and Christopher Heyerdahl sit around naked for a few minutes. [Access Hollywood]


Here are a few new stills from this deadly-video-game epic. W00t. More at the link. [Slice Of SciFi]

Battle: Los Angeles:

The exciting alien invasion movie, which substitutes Baton Rogue for the City of Angels, cast three more stars alongside Marine Sergeant Aaron Eckhart. Michelle Rodriguez will play Cpl. Adriana Santos, a member of a radio battalion. Michael Pena plays the father of a little boy the marines find along the way. And Bridget Moynihan plays a veterinarian. (And no, I don't know why you'd need a veterinarian when fighting alien invaders. Maybe they're cat people? One can but hope.) [Hollywood Reporter]


It's official (if you believe unnamed sources, anyway) — Dominic Monaghan will be back. And he'll be in at least three episodes. [E! Online]


Yay! Here's our first glimpse of season two. Although it may be fake, since most of the clips are old. What do you think?

Also, a new season two poster (plus matching banner) includes a few clues. Like a leaf, a six-fingered handprint and a seahorse. Click on the link for more details about where these show up in the poster. [Fringe Bloggers]

And there's a new casting call. Episode 2x05 features Dr. Nayak, an East Indian or Middle Eastern doctor, who's sort of a Jekyll/Hyde character. He's dedicated his life to his work, but he's hiding a deep-seated addiction.[SpoilerTV]

Warehouse 13:

Leena, the lovely B&B owner, has some secrets of her own, and she turns up in four more episodes this season — including the finale, which she figures in prominently. [TV Guide]


And here are some pics from episode seven, "Implosion." Gun-totin' Artie! [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.