The latest trailer for the fast-paced and funny Zombieland shows off Woody Harrelson's zombie-killing chops, and offers clues to what this undead road movie is all about. Plus, we get our first good look at gun-toting, carjacking Emma Stone.

Despite the unfinished look of the footage, this is the extended trailer shown during Saturday's Comic Con Zombieland panel. The first trailer hinted at the whimsy peeking through the blood and ooze of corpse-eating, fast-moving zombies, but here we get a better sense of the plot. Snatches of the relationship between Jesse Eisenberg's ultra-cautious Columbus and Woody Harrelson's gleeful, spree-killing Tallahassee come to light, and we glimpse how they're outwitted by — and eventually team up with — survivalist sisters Wichita and Little Rock, played by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. Plus, there are plenty of frenzied zombie kills, including Tallahassee's "Dueling Banjos" kill and Columbus's futile attempt to suffocate a zombie with a shower curtain.

[via Quiet Earth]