Would you rather be designing a better Voight-Kampff test instead of a better Android OS? Or waiting tables at Biff's restaurant from Back to the Future, instead of at TGI Friday's? Then we've got tees for you.

You can find these tees and more (including a rare find that references The Last Starfighter) over at UK-based Wake Up . . . Time To Die. Each shirt is £17.50, and shipping is free in the UK. You know you want one. (io9 readers can enter the code IO910 in the order form to get 10% off!)

If you're heading Back to the Future, you know you'll want to stop off at Biff's bar.

Ah, ICS. You made such great TV shows in the movie "The Running Man."

The United States Police Force always kept the peace in "Escape From New York."

Encom built the Master Control Program that Tron must fight! For the users!

Who wouldn't want to fly the corporate colors for the Voight-Kampff test? It's what prevents those replicants from passing themselves off as one of us humans.