Today's spoiler haul includes a G.I. Joe power-suit clip, shiny new Astro Boy pics, and more Iron Man trailer screencaps. Plus Fringe set pics, Doctor Who video, and V/Caprica casting calls. Also: Repossession Mambo, Smallville, Stargate, Heroes and Warehouse spoilers.

Iron Man 2:

Even more trailer screenshots including War Machine and Whiplash, letting it all hang out. [Lyricis.FR via SpoilerTV-Movies]

G.I. Joe:

Director Stephen Sommers talks us through the anatomy of that crazy Paris chase scene, with the accelerator suits that everybody loves. [Superhero Hype]

Astro Boy:

The studio sent us some new stills from the picture, including your first look at President Stone, Dr. Elefun (Bill Nighy) and Dr. Tenma (Nic Cage). [Summit]

Repossession Mambo:

This organ-repo movie, starring Jude Law, Forest Whitaker and Alice Braga, changed its name to Repo Men. It's due out in the winter of 2010. [ShockTillYouDrop]

Doctor Who:

An incredibly migraine-inducing cameraphone copy of the "End Of Time" trailer. [Den Of Geek]


So there's a casting call for episode 1x01, which I'm guessing is actually the second episode (counting the pilot). We'll meet Joannie Maddox, who's the wife of FBI agent Dale (Alan Tudyk). She's "upset and devastated" when Dale doesn't come home, and is presumed missing. (And of course, anyone who's seen the pilot will know why that is.) [SpoilerTV]


Some new set photos reveal a scene set in a bus/train/ferry station, where there's a bit of a scuffle. More pics at the link. [SpoilerTV]


Looks like we'll finally be meeting Tomas Vergis, the rival tech whiz who developed the all important A.I. processor that Daniel Graystone needed to make his Cylon prototype work. (He was originally supposed to be in the pilot TV movie, and Amanda Graystone was even going to have an affair with him at one point, but she was really only spying for Daniel.) Anyway, now when we meet him in episode six, "Know Thy Enemy," he'll be out for blood, according to the casting call:

A handsome, well-dressed man in his late 30s to mid 50s, Vergis is a Tauron, Daniel's rival and head of a computer technology engineering firm, the same one that Daniel stole the invaluable MCP from. Having lost family due to Daniel's actions, Vergis is out for blood, seeking revenge and driven to destroy everything Daniel holds dear, and he will do so in the most ruthless and publicly professional way possible. He exudes a confidence which is both chilling and powerful. He will let nothing stand in his way


Stargate Universe:

In one episode, "Time," the crew lands on a planet and discovers "alien balls." These balls are "some kind of temporal recording/playback device, and they allow the crew to witness their own deaths. Don't touch the alien balls, guys. [Cinemaspy]

Warehouse 13:

Last night we met Claudia, the punky hacker chick. Allison Scagliotti explains her role going forward:

Claudia is primarily the new techie/apprentice to Artie's curator. She likes to impress Artie with her new take on his steam-punk devices, [which is] a very important skill-set – very important to running interference during a mission. In some of the episodes towards the end of the season Claudia does get to go out and help Pete and Myka a lot, while Artie holds down the fort.

And she says she and Saul Rubinek got on like two old Jewish women.[TV Overmind]


Zachary Quinto says that even though Sylar thinks he's Nathan Petrelli, we'll still be seeing Quinto this season:

There's definitely going to be Sylar in the fourth season of the show. I actually feel incredibly challenged by the work that I'm doing on the show in a great way. I think they've found a really exciting and smart and innovative way to keep the character moving forward and evolving.

For one thing, Matt Parkman will be hallucinating that Sylar is tormenting him, giving Parkman a taste of his own medicine. And also, Quinto will get to explore new territories in an organic way, as Sylar. [Newsarama]


Robert Knepper, who plays charismatic carnival leader Samuel, has been upped to a series regular, instead of only appearing in six episodes of the new season. Apparently the ringleader has "Earth-moving" powers, and as we mentioned, he's recruiting super-powered people for a special purpose. [Hollywood Reporter]


Justin Hartley gives a bit more of a hint about what to expect from Ollie this year and Erica Durance talks Lois. [DaemonsTV via SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.