A hundred years from now, when "Leprechauns in space" becomes a genre the way "zombies" are now, auteurs will look back on this scene of a space Leprechaun emerging from a man's penis (it's work safe!) as an important influence.

The scene, of course, comes from Leprechaun 4: Leprechaun In Space, a direct-to-DVD entry in the esteemed Leprechaun franchise. To fill you in, the guy whose penis is exploding in the clip above is a Space Marine, one of several who blew up the Leprechaun at the start of the movie. The marine then pissed on the Leprechaun's severed head. And once back on his spaceship, he tries to have sex with the hot bra-wearing babe... only to find something is bothering "Mr. Snake." (That's what he calls his penis, this being a classy movie.) And shortly afterwards, Mr. Snake explodes in a shower of poetic justice as the Leprechaun emerges.

Later, the Leprechaun gets hit with a growth ray and becomes a super giant leprechaun. And then he's caught in a cargo bay when the doors open. Want to see what happens to a giant Leprechaun who's exposed to vacuum? Here it is:

Eat that, Sunshine!