Yesterday we showed you the ugly side to Comic Con in our badvertising special. Today we're focused on the good. Here's the swag we loved at Con.

Additional reporting and pictures from Julia Carusillo, Ray Wert and Cailtin Petrakovitz.

While the themed menu was hideously overpriced and frankly we got a bit tired of the gimmicky menus awaiting us at every turn, the actual setup of Syfy's off-the-floor booth was amazing. They recreated Eureka's Cafe Diem with a white picket fence placed out front. The fully-functional diner was a nice break from the crowded Con.

Circular Stargate desserts at the MGM SGU Launch party were not only adorable, but delicious.

The Where The Wild Things Are Gold Crowns made everyone smile, except the movie's targeted sad indie kid demographic. Massive props to We Love You So for getting a picture of Spike Jonze's Wild Things audience in the actual crown.

We already told you all about Flynn's Arcade and the secret back room with the world's most beautiful light cycle. But playing the arcade's real life Space Paranoids was living the dream.

Half of the True Blood ads annoyed us, but this elevator button placement did not. Picture from imdb.

"The Fantastic Mr. Fox" fellas from Wes Anderson's flick, and their coveted fur ties, were a giant success. Let's hope they spark a khaki suit Con craze.

Zombieland hand sanitizer straight from the movie. Even though the director told us later it would do nothing for an actual zombie infection, still we like cleanliness and all that.

This little Star Trek USB was a great way to remember this year's Con - it even says Comic Con 2009 on the side. Frankly I think that's better than a t-shirt.

Finally this is more of an announcement, but we're still giddy about it. Tru Blood is going to be made and manufactured for $16.00 in packs of four and will taste like a blood orange soda. HBO is taking orders now. Oh, go buy some you big dork - I already did.