When we heard a novel about a mortician who gets sucked into a world of reviving corpses, evil corporate loyalty programs and sexy fun had gotten Rachel Caine a three-book deal with Roc, we were dying to know more.

Caine's novel Dead Sexy, about "a just-out-of-school mortician who gets introduced into the world of reviving the dead for profit ... and the ultimate corporate loyalty program," got a five-figure deal with Roc, with two more books already contracted for. The thing about the "corporate loyalty program" sounded like razor-sharp satire, and we liked the for-profit zombification as well. The word "sexy" in the title was just the kicker. So we contacted Caine and asked her to tell us more about her novel. Here's what she said:

DEAD SEXY is one of those insane notions I've had bouncing around in my head for a while now, probably because I genuinely do work in the corporate world. And yeah, sometimes it's just that weird.

Without spilling too many beans ('cause those little suckers are slippery), I can tell you that my main character Bryn Davis's new job in the death care industry doesn't quite turn out to be as boring as she'd always expected, especially when she discovers her new employer is revivifying corpses in the basement for fun and profit (luckily, mostly for profit). But that's just a little off-the-books freelancing; when Bryn discovers the massive corporate plan behind it, let's just say that this company is really serious about their termination policy.

Oh, and being in the zombie business really puts a crimp in an interoffice romance, too. I'm just saying. But still, Bryn may just manage to pull it off, if she can survive. Or revive. Whichever.


We can't wait to see the finished product. Sexy zombie image by Robyn Von Swank on Flickr.