Spoilerama! Iron Man 2 trailer snaps include your first glimpse of a new hero. Plus there's a Jonah Hex poster, and Wanted 2/Angelina Jolie details. Smallville spoilers may make you doubt your wits. Plus G.I. Joe, Heroes and Dollhouse spoilers.

Iron Man 2:

Reader Lant sent us a few stills from the sneak peek shown at Comic Con, including a glimpse of War Machine and his big gun. [Thanks Lant!]

Also, here's a really interesting quote from Jon Favreau on the themes of the movie:

We're dealing with an arms race. That's what Iron Man has always been. The thing about an arms race is, when you stop, the world doesn't. You have windows of opportunity to change the world in good ways while all the bad forces are paralyzed. What happens when those other superpowers emerge? It changes your tactics. Iron Man is dealing with as much as he can based on saying, 'I am Iron Man.' And what that has meant is to keep the world at bay with that new technology and who he was and how that changes now with the emergence of Mickey [Rourke]

[Sci Fi Wire via Trek Movie]

Wanted 2:

We're not the only ones who grilled Timur Bekmambetov about how Angelina Jolie can return in the sequel. He told Sci Fi Wire that James McAvoy's character, Wesley, will try to wake Fox up. And right now, "she's in a bath with wax," referring to the healing baths that everyone got into in the first movie. [Sci Fi Wire]

Also, Mark Millar says the story will revolve around the international group of assassins who are featured in issues 4 and 5 of the comic book. [Superhero Hype via Trek Movie]

G.I. Joe:

Here's another TV spot for this absurdly, um, absurd movie:

New Moon:

Here's a bunch of promo pics from this movie, including a better look at the elusive Volturi. [SpoilerTV]

Jonah Hex:

The studio sent us a super high quality promo poster, featuring Josh Brolin and Megan Fox. [Warner Bros.]


Creator Joss Whedon says the show's reduced budget will actually help make it more visceral and cinematic. And the show will take a lot more risks. Echo will be a serial killer, a mummy and a noir femme fatale, unless Whedon is kidding about that. And Echo will become much more of a distinct character in herself. And Whedon hints once again that the show has some wriggle room as to exactly how accurate the vision of the future in the unaired post-apocalyptic episode "Epitaph One" may turn out to be — you may even see some things on the show that appear to be leading in a different direction. And we probably won't see the psychotic Alpha again until "probably a few episodes in." [EW]


We'll see Juliet "pretty immediately" at the start of the new season, says Elizabeth Mitchell. But she's not sure how much we'll see her after that. "I think it will be satisfactory," she promises underwhelmingly. [E! Online]


Castiel has his own agenda this season, which we'll learn about at the end of episode two. And it's "very big stuff." Also, Bobby won't be able to help the Winchesters as much this year, for reasons that are somewhat mysterious. [E! Online]


More spoilers from Comic Con. Clark and Ollie will have lots of tension this year, because Ollie wants to rekindle things with Lois, but she's getting closer to Clark. The "love scene" between Clark and Lois that people glimpsed in the teaser footage is one possible reality that the show explores. For her part, Lois comes back from the future with lots of knowledge and has to tease out the clues in some kind of puzzle. She turns out to be the lynchpin in helping Clark figure out his own stuff. And that stuff we reported yesterday, about Clark training with Jor-El? May come about because Major Zod is from an alternate reality where Krypton wasn't destroyed yet. (It's a tad confusing, to be honest.) As for Zod, he's young and manic, and not entirely in control of his troops. And they're not thinking of season nine as the final season, at all. [E! Online]


More about Young Zod: Apparently we'll see him before he becomes the villain we're familiar with. And we'll have a whole year of Clark and Zod having a stormy relationship together. (Just shoot me now. Please.) "We're going to try and explore the relationship between Zod and Clark, and what if that were different?" says exec producer Brian Peterson. Separately, Lois says that even though she was fired at the Daily Planet, she'll still find her way back there and keep reporting stuff. [E! Online]

Also, some casting script pages have turned up from episode 9x04, "Echo", and they appear to be from the actual episode. Clark has developed the superpower of "thought-hearing," aka telepathy, meaning that he can "overhear" people's thoughts. This comes in handy when he's trying to get into a black-tie gala, and he can "hear" the bouncer reading the names on the guest list. And also when he and Lois are interviewing a witness to a hostage situation at a textile factory, Clark can "hear" that the witness is making stuff up because he wants to be in the limelight. A second hostage witness is thinking about not wanting to be sent home to her country, so Clark is able to reassure her that he's not from the INS. The script helpfully spells out that Clark uses his "thought-hearing" to come across as the world's greatest reporter, and this turns Lois on.

Meanwhile, Ollie goes to Havana, where he tries to drink with two women — until a huge drug kingpin shows up and demands to know what Ollie's doing with his wife. "The short one or the ugly one?" Ollie asks. The kingpin turns out to have an army of goons, who are all ready to beat on Ollie, but Tess rescues him wearing "sexy mercenary regalia," and wielding a gun. And you'll have to wait until this fall to find out what "sexy mercenary regalia" actually looks like. I can't actually imagine. [SpoilerTV]

Warehouse 13:

And yo, here are some promo photos from episode six, "Burnout." Artie has a shower cap! Or a bonnet? A bonnet, maybe. [SpoilerTV]


The Chuck-Sarah quasi-romance will stay quasi, with lots of setbacks and things. Both Chuck and Sarah will have new love interests this season. Chuck's new download of the Intersect 2.0 will cause major complications for him and Sarah, and she's very upset. Also, something cataclysmic will have happened between Chuck and Sarah, between the end of season two and the beginning of season three. [E! Online]


Here's a longer sneak peek at season four, from Comic Con, plus a clip of a fight scene.

Defying Gravity:

Some promo stills from episode three, "Threshold." [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.