New concept art from sequel Tron Legacy shows us how the look of cyberspace has evolved since 1982. Take a gander at the vehicles and gladiatorial games, and get your first look at Tron City, where sentient programs live.

Last Thursday, Tron Legacy director Joe Kosinski showed concept art from the new film at Comic Con's Disney 3D panel. Kosinski and his team have retained some of the characteristics of the original Tron, such as the solid blocks blocks in the scenery and the lines of blue light, but have used improved technology to lend the computer world some of the texture of the real world.

Among the vehicles showcased are an updated Recognizer, the ship the Master Control Program uses to capture programs, a Solar Sailer, a freight train that travels along a beam of light, a Light Runner, which is like a Light Cycle except that it can hold two passengers and travel off the Game Grid under its own power, a Light Cycle, a bike that travels along the grid, and the white Second Generation Light Cycle, designed by Flynn himself and faster than an ordinary Light Cycle.


Kosinski indicated that we would see the gladiatorial games on a larger scale in the sequel, and that they have evolved into a multi-round disc game tournament held in a giant stadium. Professional athletes were hired to provide motion-capture footage of players jumping, flipping, and catching the discs. In addition to the larger disc game stadium, Kosinski showed images of another place we haven't seen before: Tron City, a virtual metropolis where programs live and work. Kosinski told the audience that he hopes to capture what it's like for the programs to not only operate but actually live inside this city.

Images via Signalnoise