With Stephen Chow officially off The Green Hornet movie, many have suggested that the task of recasting Kato was nigh-impossible. But director Michel Gondry may have found the actor to step into Chow's domino mask.

Asian news outlets are reporting that Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo is currently in talks to play the Green Hornet's hyper-competent sidekick, alongside a bumbling Seth Rogen. Kwon is known largely as a heartthrob in Korea, having starred in many a romantic soap opera, but he's also has a modest bit of on-screen martial arts experience, thanks to roles in the fantastical Volcano High and gangster-themed Once Upon a Time in High School.

Several outlets have noted Kwon's imperfect English might be the major obstacle to his being cast, but even if he manages to break the language barrier, his action resume doesn't begin to approach Chow's, and it's going to be tough for him to live up to the expectations everyone had for Chow's performance in the role.