Post-Comic Con spoiler flood: Zoe Saldana talks Trek 2, Favreau talks Iron Man, Tyrese Gibson talks Transformers 3, everyone talks Zombieland. Plus BSG/Heroes trailers and Harry Potter set pics. Also: Dollhouse, Astro Boy, Stargate, FlashForward, Chuck and True Blood spoilers.

Star Trek:

Zoe Saldana says you shouldn't believe protestations by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman that they've barely even started talking about the next Trek script: She believes it's probably about half done. And she's sure the Spock/Uhura relationship will continue:

I am excited to see what they're going to do with their relationship in relation to what happened to Vulcan and what kind of responsibilities Spock is going to have in this next journey. Not only in his personal side but in terms of he's a race in extinction now.

[Sci Fi Wire]

Harry Potter:

Fans watched the filming of a stunt from the "Seven Potters" chapter of Deathly Hallows. Hagrid's stunt double (wearing a big coat and goggles) drove a motorcycle, weaving in and out of traffic. Meanwhile, Harry's stunt double (wearing a grey hoodie, and complete with burning scar) rode in the sidecar and brandished his wand to shoot a spell at someone chasing them. More pics at the link. [HP4U via Harry Potter's Page]

Iron Man:

Director Jon Favreau talks about the problems Tony Stark will face with the "Iron Man" technology, and how he'll introduce the film's new characters. [IGN]
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Astro Boy:

Here's a new pic of the Peacekeeper robot, which may not be quite as peaceful as the name might suggest. Bigger version, plus another pic, at the link. [Wired]

Transformers 3:

Tyrese Gibson told an interviewer he'll be back for the third movie and he believes his character, Robert Epps, will have a larger role next time out. "My part is going to be bumped up." [Blast Magazine]


Cinematical's Kevin Kelly talked to the film's star, Jesse Eisenberg, as well as its director, Ruben Fleischer. [Cinematical]
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There was some concern whether Amy Acker would be able to return to this show, since she's signed up to star in the new drama Happytown. But she's inked a deal to appear in three episodes this season. [EW]

Also, there's a casting call for the second episode of the new season. We'll be meeting the sickly, strange Terry Karrens, aged 33 and the affluent, educated Bradley Karrens, in his late forties to early fifties. There's also the very respected — but very repressed — liberal arts college faculty member, Professor Gossen. There's a funny, odd guy named Franklin, a sexy, full-figured aunt in her thirties, a fit mom in her late forties, and two good-looking daughters, one 15-ish and one 22-ish. [SpoilerTV]

Battlestar Galactica:

If you're in the United States, you can view the trailer for "The Plan" which showed at Comic Con, and which has a spot of new footage. If you're not in the U.S... you're not part of the plan, I guess. [Syfy via Battlestar Blog]
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Producer David S. Goyer revealed the titles of the first three episodes: "No More Good Days," "White To Play" and "137 Sekunden." And here's an interview with Goyer and recurring co-star Dominic Monaghan. [TV Overmind]

And star Joseph Fiennes says the FBI agents' board, full of newspaper clippings and photos and scribbled clues will lead us to whoever is behind the worldwide future-vision — and Fiennes is convinced the cause is a "who," not a "what." Striking images in the show include a black swan, an intense man with a widow's peak, and paintings of serpents and "weird-headed animals." Goyer says Monaghan's character, Simon, is a genius who went to college when he was 14 years old, and the kanagaroo you see hopping around L.A. will reappear because it "has a story." And executive producer Marc Guggenheim says we'll meet Zoey, the lawyer fiancee of John Cho's character, in episode three. Wel'll deal with whether they can still marry in the wake of the "flash forward." We'll also meet the mother of Fiennes' character at some point. [TV Guide Magazine]

Stargate Universe:

Here are some awesome new posters showing this fresh-faced, haunted new crew. [SpoilerTV]


Here's a pretty terrible/inaudible video of the season four trailer that was shown at Comic Con. Looks like Claire is back to committing suicide as a cry for attention.

And the show is seeking two actors to play carnies in episode 4x06: Damian is a "rock'n' roll biker type," a true carnie with haunted eyes — he's similar, in terms of presence, to the Haitian. And Teddy is another "rock'n' roll biker type," who has an unforeseen talent. [SpoilerTV]


The first episode of season three will be called "Chuck Vs. The Pink Slip," and will feature three new characters: Javier, a muscular Latin assassin, Yuri, the scariest of Russian spies, and Gilles, an incredibly handsome Frenchman. [ChuckTV]

True Blood:

The twelfth episode of the season will be called "Before The Night Is Over." [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.