Defying Gravity, the Ron Livingston space drama with sex in space, premieres this week — as does the nationally celebrated Shark Week. Plus we wrapped up all the Comic Con trailers and clips we could, for each new show.


Spectacular Spider-Man -
Venom and his big mouth — he totally ruins Spidey's cover by blurting out his secret identity. Will Venom's leak put Peter's family in danger?

There's an all day Doctor Who marathon on the Syfy channel right this second.


V for Vendetta -
In a dystopian future in Britain, a man in a Guy Fawkes mask named V seeks to bring down the government with a violent plan. Based on the Alan Moore/David Lloyd comic series and starring Natalie Portman, on FX at 10:30 PM.


Warehouse 13 -
Artie discovers the source of the security breach ... when she kidnaps him and asks him for help righting a wrong from their past, that killed her brother. The sexy steampunk show about "America's attic" airs on SyFy at 9 PM.

Comic Con Preview of Warehouse 13

Better Off Ted -
Veridian goes green? Ted gives Linda a phony "green" project which gets a little out of hand when others want to help on ABC at 9:30 PM.


That's Impossible -
Jonathan Frakes narrates this series about science catching up with our imaginations. Tonight, replacement limbs grown in labs are examined, as well as microscopic robots designed to rid the body of deadly diseases and processes to reverse aging on the History channel at 10 PM.

Van Helsing, and his fabulous hat, both hunt down Dracula, on FX at 7 PM.


Monsters Inside Me -
The, "bugs, germs, parasites they are everywhere — quick, lock me in my bathtub" show is back, and this time introduces you to Parastic infestations in the southeast. So much for your plans to travel there.


MonsterQuest -
Strange flying creatures of legends and folklore are examined. Along with video proof of the human-like creatures, a strange corpse is looked at with hopes of identifying these eerie monsters. On the History Channel at 9 PM.

See the movie that REALLY put Alan Moore over the edge into hating the movie industry, on FX: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen airs at 8 PM, but Moore may send Promethea to your house to beat you up if you watch it.


Moments of Impact -
A shark attacks a scuba diver, a couple is thrown from their boat, and a construction worker has to leap from a building on Discovery channel at 9 PM.

Tom Sizemore stars in a movie about a half-rat, half-dog creature that emerges from the sewers, and it's actually a science experiment gone wrong. Looks to be... slimy. Bottom Feeder is on SyFy at 8 PM.


Eureka -
A green blob visits, along with rivals from Area 51, for a bowling tournament. Meanwhile, Carter looks into what seem to be a series of pranks... involving science, we're guessing. On SyFy at 9 PM.

Comic Con Preview Of Eureka:

The extended version of Spiderman 2 adds eight minutes of tentacled Doctor Octopus, as he takes on Spidey, as well as more Mary Jane-Peter Parker angst at 5:30 PM. The less-than-spectacular Superman Returns follows at 7 PM.


You saw the thigh-strapped cosplay Lara ladies this past weekend, now see the real thing. Angelina Jolie is video-game heroine Lara Croft searching for Pandora's Box in Lara Croft: Cradle of Life on TNT at 9 PM.


Being Human -
A fellow werewolf befriends George, and Mitchell mistakenly invites him to crash with the roommates. Turns out he's hell to live with... literally. Gripping drama with possibly some of the best ensemble chemistry I've seen in a while is on BBC America, at 9 PM.

A hero must defeat a dragon summoned by a warlord with purty hair, and a black heart. Continuing the new movie on SyFy Saturday at 9 PM. Seriously if you don't watch Dragonquest at least once a month, you'll go insane, which is why the government requires a weekly airing of this Quaid feature.


True Blood -
Daphne, you are such a bia. And Sookie is told to go work on her boyfriend Bill by the Fellowship — can she pretend to be a normal and kind human being long enough to avoid getting her and her friends all killed? Most likely, no. True Blood is on HBO at 9 PM.

Comic Con Preview of True Blood, I'm going to write about it later when I find the words to describe what is hidden in here. UNBELIEVABLE:

Defying Gravity -
The series premiere gives us four men and four women as they head out for a six-year journey into space... and sexiness. Starring Ron Livingston of Office Space fame, the series centers around the crew's mission to Venus and their intertwined pasts, and looks like a space odyssey-esque Grey's Anatomy.

Blood in the Water -
Shark Week is here! And it begins with this special. So get excited — it's science with teeth and blood. And remember to live every week like it's Shark Week, on the Discovery Channel at 9 PM.


The movie that opened on Christmas day, because it's a religious experience is airing on FX at 11 PM. It's Alien vs. Predator Requiem, people. Baby Jesus would want you to watch it.

Additional reporting and writing by Caitlin Petrakovitz.