We've spent a lot of time with the cast of Stargate Universe this con week, and we're pretty excited about the new series... especially after Robert Carlyle told us that everyone on the show is going to die.

We sneaked a few minutes of Dr. Nicholas Rush's time, the crazy-eyed scientist played by Robert Carlyle, and asked him if there would be any zombie homages from his past work (28 Weeks Later):

Is there a zombie aspect in the show at all?

No, but we do all die.

Can you elaborate on that?

It's a very interesting episode written by Robert Cooper called "Time," where they go to another planet, and when they get there, they find one of these alien balls. They find footage on it, and they are all dying on it. And that's where the teaser ends.

Ha ha, excellent, I want to see that immediately, good work SGU.