To warm up the crowd before Thursday night's screening of Green Lantern: First Flight, executive producer Bruce Timm led the entire audience in a recitation of the Green Lantern oath. And that moment of uber-nerdiness apparently set a superheroic record.

Guinness World Records is currently double-checking before they provide official certification of the record, but it's hard to believe there's ever been a larger recitation of the oath than that of the over 4,200 fans gathered to watch the latest DC animated movie. To put that in the nerdiest perspective possible, the Green Lantern Corps itself only has 3,600 sectors of space under its protection.


As an observer of (not to mention participant in) the saying of the oath, I can safely report that the vast majority of those assembled really did know all the words, though there seemed to be some confusion in the crowd as to whether it's "blackest night" or "darkest night." Admittedly, this has varied over the years, although I suppose a certain ongoing comics mega-event has made it fairly clear which is the currently preferred version.

Green Lantern: First Flight comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, July 28.