Warehouse 13, Syfy's new show about the building that houses every mystical object of power in the world, only just introduced its main characters — but soon we'll be meeting another new character, an 18-year-old girl with super-hacker skills. Spoilers...

Warehouse 13 is only three episodes in, and already the show has us hooked. Adding even more geek cred to the cast is 18-year-old Allison Scagliotti, who plays a teenage hacker who becomes Artie's sidekick, after hacking her way into the most secure system in North America. "I replaced the ferret" cracks Scagliotti, who joins the cast next week. Judging from the glimpses we saw, the two actors have a great energy together, and she becomes the Punky Brewster to his curmudgeonly librarian. Allison says:

Artie has his way of doing things, and I have my way of doing things. I'm sort of the punk to his steam.

Saul Rubinek (Artie) claims to have been a steampunk virgin before getting into the show:

I knew it had something to do with clothing. But have you see Artie's office? It's like it was designed by Jules Verne or something. It's really cool.

Allison's joining up was apparently the defining moment of the season for him.

Artie is alone, he's sort of the monk in the warehouse, and he has a lot of exposition to deliver, and he needs someone to bounce off of. And a lucky thing happened...Claudia came along.

In addition, Artie will also be getting a nemesis, his very own Moriarty, sometime this season. He also tells us we'll being meeting the secret society that are the supreme authority over te warehouse, and there is a big secret uncovered about his character.

Spoiler Alert! Artie Nielsen is NOT Artie Nielsen. Thats all I can say.

Executive producers Jack Kenny and David Simkins told us where they get their inspiration. "I thank god everyday for Wikipedia." Says Kenny. Simkins told us that the true inspiration was the characters, and their relationship.

We approached these characters from a very personal perspective. We look at what those characters are going through, and try to figure out what kind of artifacts will impact these characters and help them though it. Most important was that we created real, three dimensional characters... with baggage.

It was evident to us on the panel (and even more so in the press room) that Joanne Kelly, who plays Myka Bering, and Eddie McClintock, who plays Pete Lattimer, have some serious chemistry. The two shared the story of their meeting during auditions, when a frazzled McClintock, who was sure he'd lost the part, was soothed by a very sweet Kelly. "I talked him off the ledge." By the time the duo showed up for a reading together, they had naturally fallen into the back-and-fourth banter that makes them so watchable on Warehouse 13.


We geeked with the cast on how much they were loving Comic-Con. McClintock, particularly, admits to being a bit of a comic geek. "I still have my original comic collection" he tells us, "my favorite character is hands-down Herb Trimpe's Hulk." McClintock isn't the only geek on the cast; Scagliotti admits she just recently finished reading Watchmen. "It was awesome, I loved it. It really got me into this whole new world." We're looking forward to seeing Allison as the steampunk hackette really soon. Scagliotti even tells us that Claudia will be making a few gadgets of her own in future episodes, but refuses to tell us what, so we'll just have to wait and see.