Looking to pick up a cool toy at Comic Con — and money is absolutely no object? Seeking the ultimate status symbol that you're both impossibly wealthy and impossibly nerdy? Then you'll want one of Comic Con's seventeen priciest collectibles.

The exhibition floor at Comic Con is home to every kind of rare and expensive item — from Golden Age comic books to animation cels to movie props. But we decided to focus on items that could — at least in theory — be considered toys, though it's admittedly hard to imagine anyone actually playing with the items below. These are as much works of art as anything else, and made with staggering attention to detail using the highest quality materials possible. So let's take a look at a whole bunch of toys that are worth considerably more than I make in a month. Huge thanks to Lauren Davis for helping put this list together and to Ray Wert and Kevin Burrows for their photos.

Life-sized Dobby statue. Priced at $750. From Rubies Costumes.

Pullip Noir doll. Priced at $800. From Jun Planning.

Life-sized Yoda statue. Priced at $850. From Rubies Costumes.

Tamashi Super Real Hero. Priced at $900. From Toynami.

Fiberglass Darth Vader helmet. Priced at $1,000. From Rubies Costumes. Could be combined with same retailer's deluxe Darth Vader costume, itself also being sold for nearly a thousand dollars.

No Future Companion statue by KAWS. Priced at $1,500. From Toy Tokyo.

Pullip Leprotto doll. Priced at $1,500. From Jun Planning.

Fiberglass Clone Trooper helmet. Can either be displayed on stand or actually worn as part of full costume. Priced at $1,000. From Rubies Costumes.

Life-sized Stitch statue from Lilo & Stitch by artist Chris Ryniak. Will be auctioned at starting price of $2,000. From Mindstyle.

Bronze bust of a banana. Priced at $2,000. From Kozik Toys.

Steampunk crocodile by artist Lisa Black. Price at $2,000. From Century Guild.

Celebrimaquette of Christopher Reeve as Superman. Made using silicone skin and individual hand-punched hair. Priced at around $2,000. From Toynami.

Ronald McDonald statue by artist Ron English made as promotional item for the documentary Super Size Me. One of only thirty made. Priced at $2,500. From Toy Tokyo.

Steampunk fawn by artist Lisa Black. Priced at $3,000. From Century Guild.

Bronze bust of Mao Zedong with Mickey Mouse ears. Priced between $3,000 and $4,000. From Kozik Toys.

Marilyn Monroe statue with Mickey Mouse breasts by artist Ron English. Priced at $4,000. From Toy Tokyo.

Urban Material Chogokin statue from Mazinger Z. Stands two feet tall and is made out of titanium and carbon fiber. Only twenty will be made. Priced at two million yen, or roughly $20,000. From Toynami.